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PV Modules

Effective August 21, 2019, the Photovoltaic (PV) Module Listing Request Instructions have been updated. These updates include removal of the limited version year of 2005 and 2008 from the accreditation requirements of third-party test laboratories for PV module performance testing to accommodate recent changes to accreditation standards.

The forms, lists and instructions can be accessed below.

Please note that the Energy Commission's Solar Equipment Lists updates are typically completed twice a month, on the 1st business day of the month and the 15th of the month or the following business day.

Submit inquiries regarding the Energy Commission's Solar Equipment Lists to the California Energy Commission at For any equipment listing related questions, please contact the Solar Equipment Call Center at 916-654-4120.

List of PV Modules

There are two versions of the list of PV modules that are available for download - Simplified and Full Data. The Simplified version is intended to show only basic information about the PV modules such as manufacturer, model number, description, and PTC value. The Full Data version contains all the information in the Simplified version plus information such as reported nameplate ratings and temperature coefficients that may be of interest to stakeholders.

Click on the links below to download the current list of eligible PV modules:

Submitted information is reviewed by the California Energy Commission prior to equipment being added to the Energy Commission's Solar Equipment Lists but it is not continuously monitored. The California Energy Commission does not confirm manufacturers' self-reported information. Please note that equipment on the Energy Commission’s Solar Equipment Lists have undergone tests to achieve minimal safety and performance standards. The California Energy Commission and the State of California make no claim or warranty on the equipment and its safety, performance or durability. Anyone considering installing solar energy systems are encouraged to conduct their own research.


For information on equipment eligibility and required laboratory-tested data, please refer to the SB 1 Guidelines, Appendix B.



Other Resources

The California Energy Commission is providing consumers a list of resources and links for informational purposes; where they can research topics such as: PV product recalls, contractor license check for solar retailers/ installers or solar installation building and fire code requirements.